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    Maximum Memory Allocation on 3GB Tahiti GPU




      I bought a Radeon 7970 with 3GB of memory. I wrote an OpenCL program which runs fine on the GPU.

      But I have a problem with Memory allocation. I allocate 6 Buffers with the same size.

      Every buffer has the size of ~240 MegaByte, if I increase all buffers a little bit, 5 buffers can be allocated

      but the 6th buffer can not be allocated on the GPU.


      It seems that I can only uses ~2 GB out of 3 GB.


      My System:

      Windows 64 Bit

      Visual Studio 2013 64 Bit Project

      APP SDK 2.9

      Catalyst Version: 13.11


      I have set both environment variables to these values:


      GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE          = 95


      ClInfo.exe returns the following information:


      CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE:       2918 MByte


      Is there any solution to make usage of all memory?


      This seems to be a common issue, but I did not see any solution for this.