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    GPU PerfStudio 2 : passing commandline args to the exe


      Hi all,


      I wanted to pass commandline args to my app which I want to attach to GPU PerfStudio2 server. How do I do that ?

      I tried creating a bat file - but the server would not accept bat files.



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          There are a few simple options available to the GPU PerfClient application. These can be used from a command prompt, or by creating a custom shortcut to launch the GPU PerfClient application.  The Client command line options that are available are as follows (note that double dashes ("--") are required):


          GPUPerfClient.exe [--server <IPv4 or HostName> [--port <port number>] [--app <path to app> [--appargs <app arguments>]]]


          --server <IPv4 or HostName>: Attempt to automatically connect to this server on startup

          --port <port number>: Only valid with --server or --app arguments. Use this port instead of the default for the connection.

          --app <path to app>: Only valid for local 32 bit app debugging. Launch the specified application with GPU PerfServer automatically when starting GPU PerfClient

          --appargs <app arguments>: Specify any arguments that should be passed to the application being launched with the --app command


          Straight from the .chm included with PerfStudio2 v14.1667.0.  If you code can run with no args, drag-n-drop should work.