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    OpenCL only is slow without X




      I'm not sure if it's the right forum for this question.


      I've a desktop system with HD 6770 and Intel processor graphics. I'm using the Intel processor for the graphics output and the ATI card doesn't have any monitors attached.


      I'm able to run OpenCL applications using the card, but at half the pace. If I use the card for the display output also, I get full performance. Any solutions?


      Also AMD overdrive commands need X to run for the card.


      To overcome these problems, I was trying to get a multiseat setup done as stated here --




      But I'll see to this in another thread.



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          Could you please run clinfo when the monitor is not attached to ATI card and share the output? I think in a headless configuration, your ATI card is not getting used.

          Also see if the information in this thread helps: http://devgurus.amd.com/thread/158710



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