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Discussion created by coordz on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by dorono

Hi CodeXL devs,


I've been using CodeXL in anger for the first time in a while and have found it extrmely useful. Extremely pleased it works with Beta drivers on R7


I do have a few irritations though:


- I can't find a way to save my layout between standalone sessions. I don't need multiple layouts or anything fancy, just my previous session's layout.


- For the code analyze functionality, the output panes for OCL source, IL and ISA are fixed width forcing me to cut and paste everything before I can read it.


- I can't properly view __private arrays in the debugger. The debugger just shows some silly values and there's no way to look at each value in the array. I've been using private arrrays to try to get round....


- .... the inability to view local memory. Simply to view the values would be enough but being able to use the (awesome) image visualizer on such data would be extra good.


- The standalone is good but I'm a bit stuck in Visual Studio most of the time so would appreciate a VS 2013 plugin of CodeXL.