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When the party started on Python

Question asked by eugene_mental on Dec 14, 2013
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Hello mates.

My main area of work is programming microcontrollers. But now other than programming the controller there is a need to create plugins for SCADA(like Vijeo Citect an other) programs for operators who will work on a specific production site.

In addition is the task of creating complex proprietary  measuring instruments based microPC or SoC. I am newbie in this things.


Advice please:

1) Do you have experience with the PyOpenCL and PyOpenGL? I want to use it to create visual plugins and addons for SCADA package.

2) Is it possible to work in Python with hUMA . What do I need? Is there a projected acceleration of processing multiple variables?

3) What is the news about the AMD Mantle for Python(3.3)? (I am fan of PC gaming. And I have a couple of ideas that I would like to implement in the future.For now it's just a hobby.)

4) In general, it is advisable to use Python for such purposes or maybe better something a bit more lowlevel programming(C for example)?




PS:I apologize for my English. I am from Ukraine and try to write without using translaitors.