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After successful instalation of graphic driver it doesn't appear in device manager.

Question asked by donecek on Dec 13, 2013

After instalation of Windows 8.1 on my laptop Acer TravelMate 4670 there is only the basic graphic driver which is not enough for use on websites as the letters there doesn't appear bright and sharp enough to read this. It need to get an up-date of the graphic driver. But the problem stay as I do instalation of any new graphic driver by AMD website for Windows 8 it does successful instalation according to a protocol issued after instalation but it never appear in the device manager so that it mean in real it wasn't instaled.It seem to me a bit weird. On my laptopu has been the ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 and the Intel Core Duo processor T2300. I would beg to AMD company for help to all of us to get a working graphic driver.We love ours older laptops and we don't like just throw it away in the bin. Why, just because there has been a simple thing which need to be done? The computers weren't cheap matter and it's just wasting of money to buy a new laptop just because of there is not graphic driver available to obtain.

I understand that the Acer company has the responsibility to issue an update for graphic driver but that company doesn't care about old customers they like only to sell new product.

I would like to pay for to get a graphic driver which gona be working on my laptop with Windows 8.1 but recently there is none company to offer anything like that.