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Discussion created by nmanjofo on Dec 9, 2013
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CodeXL is very nice tool,but there are some things I've noticed so far:


- GL_PATCHES constant is not recognized by debugger, it outputs UNKNOWN to the log (f.e. glDrawArrays(UNKNOWN, 0, 64) )

- VBOs can't be visualized as geometry (or I haven't figured out how)

- I have a Shader Storage Buffer of size 4 (= one integer). I can't see it's content, it says "VBO is unavailable" all the time. It's used as an ouput for compute shader, threads increment it using atomic add. But I can see content of other buffers without any problem.


Also, I would love to see Compute Shader debugger in this tool, that would be really nice, provided that OCL debugger is present. And also please add VAO listing to Explorer, and which VBOs are bound to them, because otherwise I need to manually look up it's VBOs in the code and I have a lot of them, so it takes time.



Thank You!