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JPEG Encoding acceleration using OpenCL in Image Magick libraries by AMD

Question asked by bkmnaidu on Dec 10, 2013
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   I have been looking for a GPU accelerated version of JPEG Encoder (preferably using OpenCL) for AMD Radeon HD 6320 GPU.

I understand from a video posted here (OpenCL Optimizations on ImageMagick: Convert, Edit, and Compose Images at AFDS 2012 - YouTube),

AMD has provided OpenCL accelerated functions for JPEG Codecs to Image Magick open source library.


After compiling the library with --enable-opencl flag and installing the binaries, I do not see any improvement in the JPEG compression times and further

investigation revelaed only convolution of an image is OpenCL-enabled at the moment.


Now, can anyone tell me where I can find the OpenCL-enabled JPEG Codecs for AMD GPU. Alternatively, suggest an  library that has GPU accelerated

JPEG Codecs support for AMD GPUs.


Your help is very much appreciated.