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To enquire about HDCP SRM error.

Question asked by jefflife on Dec 9, 2013

Hi there,


I'm writing to enquire about HDCP SRM error.


Our company is developing Windows Protected Media Path(PMP) player and



Our application purpose is apply a Output Protection using ATI Radeon HD

3870 Graphic cards. (for use with HDCP)


PMP player require to MFPROTECTIONATTRIBUTE_HDCP_SRM when we applied HDCP.


We input "" HDCP.SRM sample data.

[Sample SRM Data]

80 00 00 01 00 00 00 2B D2 48 9E 49 D0 57 AE 31

5B 1A BC E0 0E 4F 6B 92 A6 BA 03 3B 98 CC ED 4A

97 8F 5D D2 27 29 25 19 A5 D5 F0 5D 5E 56 3D 0E


But we had received error message "0xC026250B



What is HDCP_SRM???? which forwarding a data? Sample SRM? or the other data?