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AMD Raid Driver for windows 7 x64bit Fails

Question asked by airbender on Dec 4, 2013



Sorry not a developer or anything like that but i cant register with AMD Forums so i thought try my chance here mybe someone can advise or help !

So my issue:

For Past 2 Years i am having alot of issue with my system it is not very stable and performance sucks so after reimaging my pc over 20 times i decied to go with Raid 1 with 2 SSD drive

It seems sometimes i am able to install the OS and sometimes in Windows 7 cannot install 64 bit AMD RAID driver

and everything seems to be pointing to AMD AHCI/RAID driver for X64 bit.


So i went ASUS Website and tried AMD Raid driver and it did not work so then i went to this site

Other AHCI and RAID Drivers » Recommended AHCI and RAID Drivers did not work either


Trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on an ASUS M5A97 Evo - AM3+ - 970 mobo with 2 SSD 120GB Same Size and model . The drives configured as RAID 1. No drives are recognized by W7 install, so I choose Load Drivers. I put the drivers on a USB stick. Install does not find the drivers.

Motherboards - M5A97 EVO


I googled this issue and tried eveything i found but no luck ,



Can someone advise please


Thank you