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CodeXL on command line, or alternatively profiling a shell script using CodeXL

Question asked by martind on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by mgbaskar

Hi, I am trying to compare effect of CodeXL on the application performance. I would like to profile a few benchmarks using CodeXL while monitoring the some hardware events using perf (working on Ubuntu 12.10). I have a script that takes care of some enviroment settings, and then runs the benchmark application. As I did not find an option of using CodeXL on shell command line (if it is possible, point it out to me please), I am trying to get CodeXL profile the entire script. I am having terrible troubles doing this -- is it even possible? The GUI pops a window saying "Unable to gather profile data", and the console output (shell which I run CodeXL from) tells me that my script is not a valid application. Any suggestions?