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CodeXL doesn't show textures

Question asked by vvuk on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by vvuk

Howdy, I'm trying to use CodeXL 1.3.4903 on Windows (Win8, 64-bit) to debug a GL app.  The app uses multiple threads and multiple GL contexts, all in the same share pool (more specifically, all GL contexts do a wglShareLists with an initial context).


I see all GL function calls, but can't examine any resources, especially textures.  In the context list, I see "GL Context 1 (deleted)", "GL Context 2", and "GL Context 3 (shared - GL2)", and "GL Context 4 (shared - GL2)".  Contexts 3 and 4 only have the static buffers listed.  Context 2 has textures, render buffers, FBOs, VBOs, etc.  However, under Textures, I only see "Default Texture 2D - Unit 0" repeated 3 times, and "Default Texture 2D - Unit 6".  Under Render Buffers I have a bunch of stencil RBs; that's all correct, double-clicking Render Buffers though shows me a bunch of "Render Buffer data is not available at this time." rectangles.  Under Frame Buffer Objects, I see a bunch of FBOs (FBO 1 - 30, all created by the app), and underneath each I see a texture and a renderbuffer (stencil).  The Textures are IDs that I'd expect, e.g. Texture 42, Texture 51.


Double-clicking any of these Texture objects, or right-clicking and selecting "Open Texture 42" does nothing.  Literally nothing -- the properties in the bottom left don't update, no new window is opened, no error, nothing.


Seems like there are two problems -- the list under "Textures" is incorrect/broken.  It should be listing all active textures.  Second, even when I do have a Texture object, I should be able to open it.


Is there anything that I can do to fix this?  The app in question is Firefox, with some patches applied -- I'm happy to package up a zip file if it would be useful for someone at AMD to debug and see what's going on.