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Media SDK for Motion Compensation

Question asked by aazmp on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by amit.mookerjee

i am writing OpenCL VP8 video encoder (Aazmp/vp8oclenc · GitHub).

For motion search now it uses hierarchical search that has some problems:

1) neighboring vectors become independent (results in high bitrate)

2) sometimes misses on highly downsampled images (results in bad predictor)

Full search also not an option (vectors are very independent)


So the questions are:

Does AMD Media SDK has tools for motion search with VCE?

Can i get access to only vectors, not an encoded h.264 frame?

Are there any guides on Media SDK APIs on this topic?

(and offtopic one:) Maybe someone suggests another search algorithm which GPU can utilize effectievly?


Thanks for answers!


P.S Sorry for bad english.