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    CodeXL 1.3 missing tools


      Hi everybody,


      finally I managed and fixed the issue with the combination SDK+Catalyst+CodeXL for my laptop, and now it works fine. By the way, I'm not able to use CodeXL outside VS2010 because it does not read the .cl file location, it works just inside VS2010. No matter, the tools and options should be the same, right? But I have as active tools that I can select CPU Custom Profile, Time-Based Sampling, and GPU Performing Counters and Application Trace. What about the others (Assess performance, cache utilization and so on?). Do I have to install another packet?


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          Actually speaking no need to install any packages for this purpose. You mean to say that these are not enabled when you use codeXL out of VS2010 or with 2010 only you are facing this issue.


          also give us the your system details

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              Exactly, they are not enabled. I installed CodeXL 1.3, and I thought everything I needed was provided in the file that I downloaded. How can I enable the other tools?


              Acer Aspire 8943G

              Intel Core i7-720QM - 64 bit

              Windows 7

              Visual Studio 2010

              GPU ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

              Catalyst 13.11

              CodeXL 1.3


              Best ragards

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                  As you are running CodeXL on Intel CPU, only Time Based sampling will be available apart from custom profile (this is used to set customized sampling interval).

                  Other CPU profile configurations i.e. "Assess performance", "Cache Line Utilization", "Instruction Based" etc., will be available only on AMD based CPU/APU's.


                  Using CodeXL outside VS (as a stand-alone) is straight forward.

                  In the "Project Settings", did you set "Kernel Source Files Directory" to the location of your ".cl" files?


                  For any CodeXL related issues, please post at the following forum for quick response.




                  Kalyan P