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    Improvements to 'Intro OpenCL Tutorial'


      Hi all


      Just some comments on the tutorial from: http://developer.amd.com/tools-and-sdks/heterogeneous-computing/amd-accelerated-parallel-processing-app-sdk/introductory…


      1. It would be very useful to have source code download links

      2. the 'gcc' compile command will not work, as the example uses C++ header files - you will need to use g++

      3. In line with 1. above, copying and pasting the code yields pretty unreadable code.

      4. Compiling on linux, you may need to use '#define CL_USE_DEPRECATED_OPENCL_1_1_APIS' at the top of the main cpp file (I had to do this on Debian 7 64-bit, using Nvidias opencl implementation and header files)


      Also, thanks for the tutorial!


      I have attached the full source code, as well as a bash script to compile on linux.