kernels are not analyzed if they are included into the main .cl file ?

Discussion created by Bdot on Nov 20, 2013



I'm using CodeXL 1.3 + amd_catalyst_13.11_betav9.2 on Win7-64.


Compiling my kernel file works fine and the kernels are shown in the left panel, but the overview does not list them (the "Refresh Kernel List" button does not show them either). And more importantly, only the small test kernel in the main .cl file can be analyzed. None of the included kernels (from #include <> in the main file) is ever analyzed.


The kernels do not have comments or anything strange in their signature (except for aggregate parameter types), like:


__kernel void cl_barrett15_69(__private uint exponent, const int75_t k_base, const __global uint * restrict k_tab, const int shiftcount,

                           const uint8 b_in, __global uint * restrict RES, const int bit_max65





I have a workaround: preprocess the kernel file, or move the kernel definitions into the main .cl file. I just wanted to report this issue ...