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[CodeXL] Java application cannot be suspended

Question asked by whiteclaws on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by kalyanpk

Hello there everyone , I'm new around , and a novice in OpenGL programming ...


I just found out about this amazing program that is CodeXL , that could probably save me hours of debugging (Already lost tons of a small problem) , so here I am downloading it  , and creating a new project as

Executable Path : <Path-to-Java-exe>

Working directory : <Path-to-my-jar-folder>

Command line arguments : -jar <name-of-jar>.jar


Note : I create the jar using jarsplice , and I added the natives to it ...


Finally , I run it , but when I try and suspend it (|| button) , it doesn't suspend and show the info , it just ignores the command ... fun fact , when I try to close it using the square button , it doesn't close my app , it only closes the console ...

Here is a video


Thanks a lot for your support !