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    [CodeXL] Java application cannot be suspended


      Hello there everyone , I'm new around , and a novice in OpenGL programming ...


      I just found out about this amazing program that is CodeXL , that could probably save me hours of debugging (Already lost tons of a small problem) , so here I am downloading it  , and creating a new project as

      Executable Path : <Path-to-Java-exe>

      Working directory : <Path-to-my-jar-folder>

      Command line arguments : -jar <name-of-jar>.jar


      Note : I create the jar using jarsplice , and I added the natives to it ...


      Finally , I run it , but when I try and suspend it (|| button) , it doesn't suspend and show the info , it just ignores the command ... fun fact , when I try to close it using the square button , it doesn't close my app , it only closes the console ...

      Here is a video



      Thanks a lot for your support !

        • Re: [CodeXL] Java application cannot be suspended


          Thanks for the video.

          It is understood that you are trying to use "Debug" mode of CodeXL for debugging Java program.

          CodeXL supports only debugging OpenCL or OpenGL based applications.

          Debugging JavaCL or Java based programs is not supported.


          CodeXL does support optimizing (identifying performance bottlenecks) Java based programs.

          This can be done via "CPU Profiling" (Profile Mode) of CodeXL.


          Let us know if you need any other information or help.



          Kalyan P