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Rendering on FirePro W7000 without a monitor attached

Question asked by bviktor on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by bviktor

Hi, we have an Intel server running Windows Server 2012 with a FirePro W7000 installed. All updates are applied and the driver is at the latest version (12.104.2).


The problem is, OpenGL is not exposed unless there's a monitor physically connected to the W7000. The instant I unplug the monitor, OpenGL is gone, so it seems I'm supposed to have a dummy monitor sitting there just for this. I find this requirement quite excessive given it's a rack server and this product is intended for server workloads.


I've tried to make a dummy plug on a DisplayPort to DVI adapter, but to no avail. The strange thing (dunno if matters) is that if I plug a DVI to RGB (VGA) adapter on top of the other adapter, I can't get even a signal on the monitor, only on the DVI one. That is,


DP -> DVI: works

DP -> DVI -> RGB: doesn't work


I've also read about this issue being addressed already in AMD drivers but apparently this is not the case with the W7000 yet.


Are you aware of any solution or workarounds?