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    Where is Open Video Decode?


      The video playback sample of the AMD MediaSDK goes through Media Foundation: it doesn't actually call AMD's own APIs directly. It works beautifully on my PC with no AMD graphics card and decodes using my NVIDIA card! Does AMD have any equivalent to Intel's Media SDK or NVIDIA's NVCUVID API, and isn't that supposed to be Open Video Decode? If so, where is it, and where's the documentation?

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          The OpenVideo APIs from AMD are deprecated. AMD will shortly have an updated, improved framework called AMD Media Framework (AMF). AMF was announced recently at the developer conference, APU13. The link can be found through http://developer.amd.com/apu/, Click on APU365 (May need registration). The title of the talk is "BREAKOUT: MM-4095 Innovating with AMD Multimedia Technologies".


          I am unable to paste a direct link, sorry.

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              Hi Asik,

              Media SDKv1.1 - targeted for release in mid 2014 - will contain the C++ AMF APIs for video encode/decode/pre/post processing on AMD platforms. You can get more details on AMF in my talk  - Innovating with AMD Multimedia Technologies - last week at APU13. Directions to access the talk are provided in the earlier message by Srinidhi.