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    Graphics driver bug report


      We have a commercial product coming out on Steam soon and we are experiencing a problem on AMD hardware.


      The application uses a deferred renderer with multisample textures in OpenGL 4.0.


      When the application is using event-based timing (not rendering in real-time) objects will randomly not be drawn, flickering on and off.  The problem gets worse when the viewport being rendered to is larger.  Calling glFlush() before rendering lights has no effect.  No OpenGL errors occur, and draw calls are always being made.  Occlusion culling is disabled in this mode.


      Card: HD 6670

      OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit

      Driver: 13.9, 13.11 Beta


      I have an application which demonstrates the problem but cannot upload it publicly.  Is there a way to get in contact with the driver development team?  Thank you.