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New APP SDK installer - very inconvenient one!

Question asked by Raistmer on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by bubu

1) Requires internet access during install and provides no offline installation package.

To installer team: guys, leave cloud for awhile, go to nature w/o WiFi and G4... and try to reinstall your new "performance" there. Then rethink what installer is.


2) It silently replaces older SDK. What the hell indeed! If it doesn't install side by side with older SDK (as NV SDK does for example) it should at least WARN then this stuff will destroy your development environment! Older SDK has different minimum driver requirements and still required for support out user base for example. Again, guys, you are too far from real life! Get to earth from your clouds, it's mean just to destroy older config w/o notice!


3) the most unimportant but still... Are you really think that all GPGPU programmers are really need your beta of media SDK to provide it as default config ? Well, it is not,  separate packs would be much more appropriate.