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A8 6600k issues

Question asked by r_u_3ven_tryin9 on Nov 10, 2013

I am a college student studying Game and Software Development, I play a ton of games as well as test hardware and software. I have been testing the A8 6600k Richland for a few months now, I have noticed that the idle temps are extremely high with turbo core enabled and the load temps reach like 78 degrees C. Using the stock cooler it should have been reading less than its max operating temp on load with the provided heatsink and fan included with each unit. I changed the thermal compound to Arctic Silver, then turning off the turbo core control the temps changed a little, I got a 12 degree drop, but the results I was not happy with. I decided to check to see the construction of the heatsink and fan assembly, here is where the biggest problem is, the heatsink is not designed in a way that the airflow can be forced into it and cool it efficient enough, there is to much material in the way restricting it. I modified the fan shroud and reversed the fan to pull air off the heatsink rather than blow through it and my temps dropped a good bit, but it could still be better. With turbo core on it allows the clock to get to 4.1ghz but it throttles the APU's cores so they range between 1.8ghz to 4.1ghz, this caused a problem with the cores working overtime to compensate for the change in frequency. I turned turbo core off and increased the multiplier to 42 with stock voltage @ 1.3v giving me 4.2ghz giving me even better performance and extremely lower temps. I now idle @ 6 - 15 degrees C and on load temps between 40 - 54 degrees C. Even running a stress test through AMD Overdrive running all 4 cores temps only rose to 58 degrees C for a second and dropped back down.

Turbo core off.jpg Idle temp.jpg


Load temp.jpgAlso I cannot send a video through here because of the file sizes allowed for upload, I can record one and upload it to dropbox if any further proof is needed.