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ADL_Display_set_yyy on a physical monitor

Question asked by felixcantournet on Nov 6, 2013
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I have an Eyefinity setup as follow : 10 full HD 27" monitors + 1 full HD 55" hooked up to 2 W600 cards.
1 eyefinity display group with 3x2 27" monitors. (Main Desktop)
1 eyefintiy display group with 2x2 27" monitors. (Extended desktop)
1 extended desktop on the remaining 55".


PC runs Windows 7 Pro 64 bits.


For reasons I can't disclose (management thought DDC\CI was "useless") I would like to use the CCC to do color calibration on the 27" monitors since I can't do it any other way.
This doesn't work however : the  GUI seems to let you select a given monitor inside a display group, but the identification mecanism is broken because if I select the first monitor inside the 2x2 group for instance, I actually get a monitor from the 3x2 group..


what I want to do :


So I thought I'd make my own calibration app with a gui representing my setup using the ADL SDK. I've successfully extended the examples to change the Brightness level on all displays connected.


What I can't figure out is how to get a handle to a specific display from ADL.


I need to make a function taking as input either :

     - GPU + the socket on the GPU to which the physical monitor is hooked up

     - OR the coordinates of a point appearing on the physical monitor

     - OR the position in the DisplayGroup Grid (e.g : 1st row, 2nd column)
     - OR anything else I might be able to provide and haven't thought of , suggestions are welcome.


and return iAdapterIndex and iDisplayIndex so that I can call ADL_DISPLAY_COLOR_SET


Does anyone have suggestions as to how I could implement that ? Is is even possible considering that CCC seems to fail?