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cv::ocl::oclMat issue in CodeXL

Question asked by nagesh_gupta on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by pinform


I am trying to debug an application in CodeXL that uses ocl based data structures and calls. ocl is the OpenCL implementation of some of the OpenCV functions. ocl source can be found in the standard OpenCV release at modules/ocl directory.


I see that CodeXL consistently crashes when I load any of the applications that use ocl data structures, specifically cv::ocl::oclMat::release(). Here is the code snippet where is fails,


inline oclMat::~oclMat()


    release(); // Fails here, no further stack trace



and the definition for release() is as below,


void cv::ocl::oclMat::release()


//cout << "cv::ocl::oclMat::release()" << endl;
if( refcount && CV_XADD(refcount, -1) == 1 )
data = datastart = dataend = 0;
step = rows = cols = 0;
offset = wholerows = wholecols = 0;
refcount = 0;



Am I missing any initialization step here?