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AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz download not correct.

Question asked by methier on Nov 4, 2013
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I have tried to download AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz several times and this file has a problem. The md5 doesn't

match and the file format is "data". I think something it wrong with the download, can someone verify ?


Thank You,



[root@holy2a18301 ~]# md5sum ./AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz

131bd37c1d15aed656008109d828fe31  ./AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz

[root@holy2a18301 ~]# file ./AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz

./AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz: data


md5 is suppose to be:

AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz 269b323e4b5f64735b3f8309000929c4