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Looking for ACML version 5.2.0

Question asked by nordwall on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by kknox

Hi again,


I posted another thread last week that I managed to solve. There was a difference in the function definitions in the acml.h file and the calls in the lib I am trying to build. I managed to solve this by simply modifying the call (changing some pointers to non-pointers).


Now however I seem to get alot of these errors. And some of these errors have calls with additional arguments (not like in the previous case where there was just a change of call by value / reference). I have noticed that the lib am trying to build is built with the ACML 5.2.0 version. I have looked at the ACMLs website for archived versions, but cant find it.


Does anyone have an older version (v. 5.2.0 preferably) that they could upload - or know where I could get it?


Here is the missmatch Im getting:

The libs definition:

void LAPACK_DLARF (char *side, BLAS_INT *m, BLAS_INT *n, double *V,

    BLAS_INT *incv, double *tau, double *C, BLAS_INT *ldc, double *Work) ;


acml.h's definition:

extern void dlarf(char side, int m, int n, double *v, int incv, double tau, double *c, int ldc);


Some value/reference missmatch, but also wrong number of arguments.