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      Greetings -


      Recently I moved my codebase back to my FX+HD7950 workstation. During a rework, I've moved some engine functionality into glNamedStringARB, and after observing my app crashing in a horrible death, debugged it to find out that GLEW cannot resolve this function, i.e. it's NULL on the AMD workstation.


      A manual insertion of


      if (!glNamedStringARB)

        glNamedStringARB = (PFNGLNAMEDSTRINGARBPROC)wglGetProcAddress("glNamedStringARB");



      didn't help either, still NULL.


      I'm using Catalyst 13.11 Beta 8 (the latest and hopefully greatest), and was wondering if there's a known issue regarding support of this function in this API version before digging into this issue further.


      Thanks for your time