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CodeXL ignores path

Question asked by max_bodycad on Nov 1, 2013
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I have a complex project wich loads many dlls from various locations. When I use start from Visual Studio, it runs properly, When I use start CodeXL Debugging, sometimes I receive a message about a missing dll (Qt5Widgets.dll) followed by a CodeXL crash report, sometimes it crash immediately.


If I inspect my project`s Configuration Properties>Debugging>Environment, I see my environment variables, and I assume CodeXL ignores them.


One thing to note, I use VS's property sheets  nad VS macros $(MY_MACRO) a lot, e.g. I have  PATH=$(DEBUG_PATH);%PATH%QML_IMPORT_PATH=$(SolutionPath)SomeDir etc


It should be noted that I can start the Teapot Sample.



Using latest version: 1.2.3897