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    CodeXL ignores path




      I have a complex project wich loads many dlls from various locations. When I use start from Visual Studio, it runs properly, When I use start CodeXL Debugging, sometimes I receive a message about a missing dll (Qt5Widgets.dll) followed by a CodeXL crash report, sometimes it crash immediately.


      If I inspect my project`s Configuration Properties>Debugging>Environment, I see my environment variables, and I assume CodeXL ignores them.


      One thing to note, I use VS's property sheets  nad VS macros $(MY_MACRO) a lot, e.g. I have  PATH=$(DEBUG_PATH);%PATH%QML_IMPORT_PATH=$(SolutionPath)SomeDir etc


      It should be noted that I can start the Teapot Sample.



      Using latest version: 1.2.3897

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          Hi max_bodycad,

          I've noticed the same behavior as far as the plugin is concerned - I don't believe the CodeXL plugin currently picks up the environment variables set in the project properties.


          A workaround I've been using is grabbing any of those DLLs needed and placing them in the directory that the executable lives in.  Or, running the stand alone CodeXL and setting the appropriate environment variable paths in the project settings.


          Hope this helps,


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            1.2.3897 is an older version of CodeXL.

            CodeXL 1.3.4903 version was released few weeks back.

            This version has quite a good number of new features and bug fixes.

            Let us know if you still see the issue with this version.



            Kalyan P

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                Thanks for the answers. I may try debugging from CodeXL gui with all the dll`s gathered but it is not so simple in my case.


                I tried 1.3.4903 as soon as it got released, exact same issue. I'm under the impression that it would not be that hard to fix, I mean, it is just a matter of setting the path to the same path VS use to run applications.