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Question asked by amit.mookerjee on Nov 1, 2013

The Media SDK forum is a place for developers to get support and share their feedback on the AMD Media SDK. When reporting a issue please provide the following information in your post :


  • OS version (eg. Windows 7, 64 bit)
  • Platform information (eg. AMD A10-5700 APU)
  • Media SDK version
  • Driver version (eg. Catalyst 13.9)
  • A  reproducible test case. Please attach source code and project files to the post. Note that if you are unable to provide source code due to IP issues please leave a note indicating that test case can be provided on request. In such cases an AMD representative will get in touch with you directly to get the test case. Please provide as much detail as possible as it will help us address the issue quickly



When your post has been answered please close the thread by selecting the “Answered” option.

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