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could not debug kernel...

Question asked by hxmingzzz on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by binghy


     I met an error that is "Could not debug kernel. This kernel uses unsupported features. Please check the release notes for more details" when I was trying to debug my kernel by gDEbugger. Then I found the similar information about it which says install CodeXL to replace gDEbugger, so I followed the method and tried again. Another error was thrown that is "Could not debug the kernel.,This kernel uses unsupported features.Kernel might be using printf command". How can I debug my kernel with CodeXL or gDEbugger?


          OS : Window7 32Bits

          Develop tools: Visual studio 2010 Ultimate

          Device: AMD Radeon HD 7850

          Catalyst version: 13.9

          OpenCL 1.2

          CodeXL version 1.2

          gDEBugger 6.2

     Btw, I can debug the teapot sample code without any exceptions, any ideas?

Thanks for the help!