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VCE binary support for CABAC only

Question asked by flugi on Oct 22, 2013
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If I create a custom H.264 encoder using OpenCL kernels, is it technically possible to use existing VCE to call CABAC enthropy coding? As I look over the API, this option is not trivially supported through VCE API (I found only a flag about CABAC), my question is about the technical possibility. For example if CABAC is implemented on the chip as dedicated hardware with specific I/O protocol, so if I knew the protocol I could use it. Or it is may implemented as kernels and I can use it that way. Or it is may implemented as deeply integrated into H.264 encoding, so it is not possible to use separately.


Motivation: CABAC is highly linear through the whole frame, so dedicated hardware can be faster than kernels.



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