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OpenCL Debugger

Question asked by binghy on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by binghy

Hi everybody,

I'd like to ask for suggestions. I'll be very glad if someone could help me.


I am working with OpenCL on a Acer platform mounting Windows7 x64, an Intel CPU multicore and an ATI GPU device.

I have a problem searching for a working and easy-install kernel debugger.

Actually I tried with an Intel SDK tool, but I realized that it supports just an IntelHD GPU device, if I remember correctly.

Later, I was seeing for gDebugger, but I did not install it yet. Beyond problems to download and install the Catalyst drivers, honestly I am a bit worried about installation

problems. I would like to avoid execution problems, once installed the new drivers, while working with OpenCL.


Does anyone have some suggestions about gDebugger or any other kind of Debbugger for OpenCL?


Thank you in advance.