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An error when compiling Bolt source code:"extract of '/external/boost/src/' failed"

Question asked by cc_wang on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by cc_wang

My platform is windows 7.

What i did as below:

1. download Bolt source code by "git clone" and then compile it with "cmake ../Bolt/superbuild", so it generate build files successful.

2. Open build files with VS2012, then compile all, i meet an error:


3>  -- verifying file...

3>       file='D:/workspace/Bolt/program/Bolt/build/external/boost/src/'

3>  -- verifying file... done

3>  -- extracting...

3>       src='D:/workspace/Bolt/program/Bolt/build/external/boost/src/'

3>       dst='D:/workspace/Bolt/program/Bolt/build/external/boost/src/Boost'

3>  -- extracting... [tar xfz]

3>CUSTOMBUILD : CMake error : Problem with archive_write_finish_entry(): Can't restore time

3>CUSTOMBUILD : CMake error : Problem extracting tar: D:/workspace/Bolt/program/Bolt/build/external/boost/src/

3>  -- extracting... [error clean up]

3>  CMake Error at Boost-stamp/extract-Boost.cmake:33 (message):

3>CUSTOMBUILD : error : extract of

3>    'D:/workspace/Bolt/program/Bolt/build/external/boost/src/'

3>    failed


But i compiled the source code on another PC, it work well.

If anyone can give me some advise?