HD 7950ns, & Cat 13.11: Corrupted/Black TTY Sessions, Window Garbage, OpenGL Lockups on Fullscreen Games, and General Horrible Performance

Discussion created by mmstick on Oct 24, 2013

Put simply, using Cat 13.11 with my HD 7950 in Ubuntu 13.04 with kernel 3.12-rc6, I can switch to a different tty, but I will be blind since the screen is black and I cannot see what I type. I noticed this when I had GUI lockups when running a wine game, Osu!, in fullscreen which will consistently lock up every time I complete a beatmap. Blindly killing the game will cause a bit of garbage from the game to reliably appear in my tty session and I can go back to tty7 and my screen will finally be un-locked.


I also have issues where I am running something in fullscreen, such as smplayer playing a video, and if I exit from fullscreen all of the Windows are glitched out with garbage. Right clicking, which invokes a context menu, will fix the graphics corruption.


Performance-wise, the horrible performance is expected. Just launch a couple 3D games in Linux and you'll have performance-issue galore in each and every one of them. Any word on when we can expect a Catalyst 13.11v2 Catalyst 13.12?