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    Graphic card driver problem on windows 8.1


      I recently update to windows 8.1 and i get this error when trying to launch a game that uses my dedicated video card, AMD Radeon HD 7670M : unable to create d3d device. Moreover, when i select on the graphic driver download site my graphic card family ( notebook graphics, radeon hd series, HD 7xxxM series ) it doesn't give me a download link, it redirects me but i can't download nothing from there. I also tried to install a beta version for widnows 8.1 i found when searching on google but it only launched the install manager, installs it and then it says installation successful but it doesn't actually install the graphic card driver. It only works with the driver downloaded from my notebook site. I have hp ultrabook envy 6-1000sg


      Thank you!

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          Similar problem here. I'm on AMD Radeon™ HD 7670M - this one is displayed as AMD Radeon Hybrid (Blocked) in device manager on windows 8.1. The link which i'm using to install is generated by same steps as mentioned above. I do see something there. AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver but this thing DOES not work with integrated intel hd 4000 (I'm on samsung np350V5c). Can somebody have a look at this issue? Everything was fine until windows 8.1 realese...


          Thanks for any reply!

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              I have exactly the same problem..with the exact same notebook. I am not an expert in drivers-stuff and I feel quite helpless..

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                Hello, I have the very same notebook, and the same graphics card. When updated to Windows 8.1, the AMD graphics card didn't work, and games would crash when I ran them. Here is what I did, with the suggestion coming from another guy from another forum.


                1. I uninstalled every AMD driver and software through AMD Catalyst Install Menager in the Control Pannel/Programs and Utilities(approximate translation into english).

                2. Rebooted PC (make sure to indeed restart PC, not just shut down and shut back on, it seems that in Windows 8/8.1, when you "shut down" your computer, it just goes into a kind of "deeper" sleep mode).

                3. Downloaded the latest beta AMD mobility drivers, but not from AMD site, I just googled it. If you go through AMD, your graphics card won't get recognised by their verification tool.

                4. Installed the drivers

                5. Rebooted again.


                Now everything works perfectly fine. Hope that helps.


                PS. Normally, a good idea is to use SW update, which is a Samsung software to install all drivers you need in one place, however, this is not updated to 8.1, hence the need to do the process above.

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                  I am having the same Samsung laptop (NP350V5C-S02IN) with AMD Radeon HD 7670M and Intel HD 4000 graphics cards. The laptop was manufactured to use the Switchable Graphics feature which was working fine with the previous Microsoft operating systems until Windows 8.1 Preview was released. The issue with this particular graphics card has not been solved yet to the best of my knowledge.


                  I am having no trouble with playing games with these graphics cards or anything else in Windows 8.1 Pro x64 like many of the users have stated here. The only problems that I'm facing are: 1. Lowering the brightness will lead the screen to turn into complete black, which is not supposed to happen and 2. Battery backup has reduced drastically from 4.5 hours to 2.5 hours. The problem is very likely to be attached with the improper graphics card drivers, which both Microsoft and Samsung has failed to update still now.


                  The people who are trying to find out a compatible driver for this graphics card should be aware of the fact that the laptop uses Switchable Graphics functionality and hence, AMD will not be able to provide the appropriate drivers. It is the laptop manufactures (here, Samsung) who usually provide the drivers. I have checked the compatible Samsung laptops for which the upgrade to Windows 8.1 are officially supported and yes! Samsung NP350V5C is one of them!    Here is the link to check it: http://www.samsung.com/windows81update

                  Being aware of the fact, I contacted Samsung Support and they told me to wait for 4~5 months to get the updated drivers. Still, those people who have multiple issue with Windows 8.1 drivers can try the following:


                  To make the latest drivers workable you may do any or all of these:

                  1. Make a clean install of Windows 8.1 on your PC and get the latest Windows updates via Microsoft Update. Microsoft Update will provide the latest drivers for both the Graphics Cards. Note that, though your AMD and Intel drivers will be installed, you will not be able to use the Switchable Graphics property.


                  2. Download the latest Beta Drivers from the official AMD website following the link: AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta Driver for Windows. This will provide you the Switchable Graphics tool but still, this one is not perfect.


                  Though Samsung has provided drivers to all of the models which came pre-installed with Windows 8, I would recommend not to use video drivers for those models using SW Update Utility. And, for those people, who want to run SW Update in Windows 8.1, should turn on the compatibility for Windows 8 and try re-running it. Of course, SW Update will work, but it will give you the drivers for your laptop for Windows 8, and not for Windows 8.1


                  Anyway, feel free to tell me whether those solutions worked for you or not. Hope this helps..

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                  The same problem in a laptop  Samsung and almost all apps metro  don't work,  only Photos and Skydrive work. Curious is that Microsoft says that device is compatible with  Windows 8.1 but isn´t, because the same apps work in Windows 8.

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                    Hey I see you guys are having the same issue I am now, except I tried Raddy's solution and it doesn't seem to recognize any of the drivers for hd 8000m series for windows 8.1