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Crash in clCreateKernel

Question asked by jeromedne on Oct 10, 2013
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I have integrated some OpenCL in Unreal Engine for our game production via AMD APP 2.8.1 and I am trying to avoid compiling the OpenCL code every time as this takes a very long time.


So I have a working path that uses clCreateProgramWithSource and then I save it on the HDD with:


size_t number_of_binaries;

uint8** binary;

size_t* binary_sizes;

result = clGetProgramInfo(*program, CL_PROGRAM_NUM_DEVICES, sizeof(number_of_binaries), &number_of_binaries, NULL);

binary_sizes = new size_t[number_of_binaries];

binary = new uint8*[number_of_binaries];

result = clGetProgramInfo(*program, CL_PROGRAM_BINARY_SIZES, number_of_binaries*sizeof(size_t), binary_sizes, NULL);

check(number_of_binaries==1); // We ask for only one GPU device, so we should get one binary

for (int i = 0; i < number_of_binaries; ++i) binary[i] = new uint8[binary_sizes[i]];

result = clGetProgramInfo(*program, CL_PROGRAM_BINARIES, number_of_binaries*sizeof(uint8*), binary, NULL);

const FString BC7CompressorFilename = FPaths::Combine(*FPaths::EngineDir(), TEXT("Source\\Developer\\TextureFormatBC67"),



FArchive* Ar = GFileManager->CreateFileWriter( *BC7CompressorFilename, 0, binary_sizes[0] );

if( !Ar )


GWarn->Logf(ELogVerbosity::Error, TEXT("Cannot create file for saving OpenCL binary."));

return false;


Ar->Serialize( const_cast<uint8*>(binary[0]), binary_sizes[0] );


And then, on a separate later session, I load the program:


if (FFileHelper::LoadFileToArray( program_binary, *BC7CompressorFilename, FILEREAD_Silent ))


const uint8* binary = (uint8*)program_binary.GetData();

size_t binary_size = (size_t) program_binary.Num();

GWarn->Logf(ELogVerbosity::Log, *(FString(TEXT("Loading ")) + BC7CompressorFilename + FString(TEXT(" (")) + FString::FromInt(binary_size) + FString(TEXT(" bytes)"))));

cl_program returned_program = clCreateProgramWithBinary(_context, 1, &_device,

&binary_size, &binary, &binary_status,


if (result != CL_SUCCESS)


GWarn->Logf(ELogVerbosity::Error, TEXT("Failed to create BC7 program!"));

return false;


return returned_program;


I get no error through all these.


Then  I will call

kernel = clCreateKernel(_compress_32bits, "bc7_kernel", &result);


And it crashes there, with the end of the callstack being

[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for amdocl64.dll]  


I suppose something is wrong in cl_program, but as the type is opaque, I can't get information from it.

This is running on the same computer, but on separate sessions (so intializations -platform, device, context- are done twice). But as long as device and drivers are the same, that should not make a difference right?


Thanks for reading!