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catalyst 13.9 damaged my ASIC?

Question asked by alexanderhaensch on Sep 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2013 by nou

Today i upgraded to catalyst 13.9 for linux amd64 drivers.

After the reboot i recieved a freeze of the X Server, that is unkillable. Only a reboot resets the ASIC.


After downgrading to 13.8 beta2 which was running fine for over a month i get the same problem.


system info:

Gentoo linux 3.10.13

Xorg 1.14.3

Radeon 7870


How can i check if my ASIC was damaged by the driver? Is it possible that 13.9 was changing something in the hardware?

How can i get a stable system again?


dmesg output is attached.