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GPU PerfStudio for Two Swap Chains

Question asked by dudgeonoustweet on Sep 24, 2013

My application has two swap chains.  I can connect GPU PerfClient to the GPU PerfServer running my application and I can stop and start the application.  However, when I attempt to get into the Frame Debugger  I get the message "No draw calls were found when retrieving draw call list.”  I read in KB56 the following:


"If your application has two or more swapchains then the Frame Debugger might show zero or twice as many draw calls. It will include both or neither the drawcalls going to both swapchains."



The date on this KB article is 7/29/09.



I am running GPUPerfStudio2.13.1380.0.  My application is a DX10 application compiled in VS2008 for x64 on a Windows 7 x64 pc.



Is there a known way around this?  Are there any plans to fix this?



Thank you.