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    buffer offset and opencl


      Hello forum,


      I found the following points discussed in the link : http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~vetter/keeneland/tutorial-2012-02-20/08-opencl.pdf


      1. Buffer offsets are not allowed in OpenCL.

      2. Must use pointer arithmetic for pointer traversal in OpenCL.


      Could some one explain what they mean ? Specially the first point.





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          I really dont know in what context the above statements are defined.

          Please refer opencl spec for any technical stuff.

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            Imagine you have a kernel declared like: testkernel(global float *array)

            And you have an OpenCL buffer allocated for that float array.

            Then you can't call the kernel like testkernel(&buffer[15]).

            On OpenCL you have to send a reference to the whole buffer (that's the only way right now), and specify the '15' offset manually with a constant parameter in the kernel's parameter list.


            I guess OpenCL 2.0 will have an answer for this in the future.