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errror while running a ray tracing openCL code

Question asked by mirk26 on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by himanshu.gautam

OS-CentOS 6.4

driver- AMD catalyst 13.8 beta 2

GPU- amd radeon hd 6670

Hi all,

I am trying to run a code implementing ray tracing algorithm and it compiles successfully but for running it we need three arguments i.e.= ./"outputfilename" "numsamples" "zoffset"

i do not know exactly what should i write in place of "numsamples" and "zoffset" but since in the program they have been converted to int and float by using atoi() function i tried to run the program as

./raytracing 10 2.0

but at runtime it gives me an error-

"Error queuing kernel for execution out of resources"

please help.