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    Fortran : problem with long module labels with openf90 (open64 4.5.2)


      Hi :


      I'am using AMD open64 4.5.2 to compile an Fortan90 MPI code (I have compiled mpich3 3.0.4 with open64).


      Since I'am porting the code from other compilers I'am finding some details which open64 complains

      about (the code currently compiles and runs OK with pgf90 and gfortran).


      So far I have been able to solve most problems, but I'am having trouble with the following one.


      I'am getting an error whenever the compiler tries to compile a module which uses another

      module with a 'long' name. The limit seems to be between 30 and 36 characters.

      The compiler says it cannot find the .mod file, but the file is there.


      This is one example of the error message :



      MODULE PatchObjectsDataManager


      openf95-855 openf90: ERROR PATCHOBJECTSDATAMANAGER, File = PatchObjectsDataManager.13.9001.F90, Line = 3, Column = 8

        The compiler has detected errors in module "PATCHOBJECTSDATAMANAGER".  No module information file will be created for this module.




      openf95-292 openf90: ERROR UPDATENORMALSTNFROMPATCH, File = PatchObjectsDataManager.13.9001.F90, Line = 560, Column = 11

        "ELEMENTALARITHMETICOPERATIONSMANAGER" is specified as the module name on a USE statement, but the compiler cannot find it.



      In this example if I change the label ELEMENTALARITHMETICOPERATIONSMANAGER to something shorter like

      ELEMENTALARITHMETICMANAGER, it compiles OK (...the problem is I have a lot of these labels to change in many

      different places).


      So the quiestion is :


      ¿ Is it possible that this is a limitation of open64 / openf90 ?, or it might be related to the shell, fedora version, etc, etc ?


      ¿ Is there a switch to control the maximum label length in openf90 ?


      Thanks, Gabriel