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Maximum workgroup size

Question asked by mighttower on Sep 8, 2013


when I try to use a Workgroup size greater 10 in compute shader, this compute shader can not be linked.
as an example


does not work


works fine.

The Maximum workgroup size is 1024 for  x,y,z each.
Does that mean I can not use more than 1024 with all 3 dimensions?
Would make sense then because 10*10*10=1000 and 11*11*11=1331.

But the spec ( says:

"The maximum size of a local work group may be determined by calling   GetIntegeri_v with <index> set to 0, 1, or 2 to retrieve the maximum work  size in the X, Y and Z dimension, respectively."


So is this a bug or is it right that i can only use workgrous sizes with x*y*z<1024?


I am using Beta 13.10 Driver with  a HD7800 on Windows7 64 bit.

Thank you