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Black screen after driver installation for HD6770 on Ubuntu

Question asked by vedrisha on Sep 8, 2013

It's almost a year and a half since I'm trying to figure this out. Every time I try to install graphic driver same problem appear. Black screen with monitor generated note that it's unreachable or something lie that.

Then I have to go to TTY and to purge fglrx. After that I can again run OS with default driver which comes with OS and in resolution 1024x768.

Tried every driver in last year and a half. The ones that Ubuntu offers and the ones from AMD website. Tried it on Ubuntu 12.04 and on 12.10.

I found the way how to change resolution on 1920x1080. Anyway, I don't have catalyst installed, so there is a lot's of options that I can't set. Such as dual monitor, fine color tune, etc.

can anyone please help me with this?