H265 and accelerated encode/decode

Discussion created by Meteorhead on Sep 6, 2013



I have read a lot about H265 and it looks really promising, both in terms of motion and still pictures. I wanted to ask the people here, roughly what timescale do you think H265 enabled devices will show up, and how will the content shift from H264 and JPEG shift towards H265? Does anyone know of a publicly available H265 version that utilizes OpenCL? I read that ARM has been looking toward neglecting the fixed function video decoders in their proccessors, and rather do the work on the IGP at slightly power, but saving a lot of transistors. I will be replacing my notebook in roughly a year or so, but would like to do so when new technologies like Miracast, H265 and the likes kick in and are supported in both devices and peripherials. It woudl really rock, if OVD and OVE supported H265 in either fixed function, but more importantly in OpenCL mode (that would also make it possible for legacy HW and other vendor's HW to make use of it).