Bay Area Multimedia Meetup

Discussion created by amit.mookerjee on Sep 5, 2013

Dear OpenCL Developers,

I am excited to announce the creation of the Bay Area Multimedia Meetup group.We plan to have talks by leading multimedia technologists once a month.This will be a great opportunity to learn about the state of the art, exchange ideas and learn from each other 


You can join the group at


The first meetup will be on Sep 9 in AMD commons Building, Room C6/7, in the AMD Sunnyvale Campus at 6:00pm where we have scheduled the following talks :


•       Always Listening Speech Recognition - Todd Mozer, CEO Sensory Inc.

•       Rabbit: Reinventing Video Chat - Philippe Clavel, CTO Rabbit Inc.


Hope to see you at the first meet-up.


Best Wishes


Amit Mookerjee