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    Help ME about HD 7730



      I want to know that by which month will HD 7730 released in India and for what price....

      Secondly, i want to know that can a 180 watt PSU handle it without any problems(12*11 watts in 12v rail)

      My System Specs- PC Model- Compaq CQ3070il

                                   Processor-Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8 GHz

                                   Ram-2GB DDR2


                                   Power supply -180 watts(Delt PSU)

      I want to play new games like AC black flags, watch dogs etc at decent fps and settings(could be low)

      Please help me as i am looking to buy HD 7730 as soon as it launches in INDIA.

      and yes one more thing i borrowed an asus C1VG85 graphic card(probably a low end one) but when i connected it to my pc it says vga input not found...so will it cause problems with HD 7730.


      Thanks in advance.