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Deleting some elements in an array in the kernel code.

Question asked by shreedhar_pawar on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2013 by soylentgraham

After compacting an array(putting required elements from an input array into an output array) by doing a scan operation, there might be some empty spaces left in the output(compacted) array in a contiguous form after the required elements are placed. Is there a way to free these empty spaces in the kernel code itself without going back in the host(just for the sake of deleting)...?


for eg I have an input array of 100 elements with some no.s greater than 50 and some of them less than 50 and want to store the no.s more than 50 in a different array and do further processing only on those elements in that array, and I don't know the size of this output array since I don't know how many no.s are actually greater than 50(so I declare the size of this array to be 100)... then after performing a scan I get the output array with all elements more than 50... but there might be some continuous spaces empty in the output array after the storage of these elements... then how do we delete these spaces... Is there a way of doing this in the kernel code itself...? Or do we have to come back in the Host code for this...?


How do we deal with such compacted arrays to do further processing if we can't delete the remaining spaces in the kernel code itself and also if we don't want to go back in the host code..?