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    invalid unroll factor


      I have some problems with unroling loops, AMD retun clBuildProgram, with Intel OCL works fine




      __kernel void conv(...)
          #pragma unroll (SIZECOEF+8)
          for (j = 1; j <= SIZECOEF+8; j++)



      compiler parameters

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          Could you please let us know exactly what error you are getting.

          Also it will be helpful if you give the software version which you are using.

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            The problem you are experiencing (and I have too) is at what stage literal expressions are evaluated.  You might even experience that for some compilers #pragma unroll (SIZECOFEF), i.e., with the parenthesis, would also error out.  There is a trick around this, but it requires using nested macro functions to ensure the SIZECOFEF+8 is evaluated before it reaches the #pragma unroll stage.  I'm sorry that I forget the exact phrase at the moment to search for the solution.  Anyways, the behavior you may be experiencing is actually due to how C was defined and not really the compiler's fault.  If you ever experienced #pragma unroll SIZECOFEF error out, that would definitely be a problem (as long as SIZECOFEF was a literal constant and not a literal expression).


            Try the following:

            #define foo(y) (y + 8)

            #define bar(y) foo(y)




            #pragma unroll bar(SIZECOFEF)

            for (...)