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Problems with cursor in windowed OpenGL applications

Question asked by sxx on Aug 23, 2013

First, this problem is related to Planetary Annihilation title.

Some extra information available on game bugtracker:

There are multiple issues related to cursor, but I want to report issue which showed in this video:

PA graphics no render - YouTube


I made simple Qt application which reproduce the problem because Qt handle cursor by the same way as this game. When cursor outside the window everything is okay, but when I move cursor on window rendering stopped.


My system information from Steam included in attachment, but short info:

Kubuntu 13.04 with Kwin (compositing though OpenGL)

My GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6950 1GB

AMD Catalyst OpenGL 4.3 Beta Driver (if I'm not wrong), but problem occur on all other versions include stable one.

I'm got "Tear Free" enabled and VSync always enabled.


PS: Source code included in attachment and can be built using Qt 5.1. It's just modified Grabber demo with cursor replacement code.


Update: Video with bug attached