(Future) Tiled Resources -> Enabling in Driver Basis would be nice (for games older than DX11.2)

Discussion created by j19861986 on Aug 23, 2013

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Wouldn't be a good idea if there is a way to force tiled resources to enable in driver basis (isn't the function to remove the blurred textures cause of compress?)

It would be cool if there is a way to enable it, when Direct X 11.2 and Win8.1 is out, and AMD driver is updated to support 11.2 for GCN architecture...

And would be nice if it can be toggled on and off for older games, Direct X 11.1 and older

Would be kinda cool for those who don't want blurred textures on older games?

If it can't be enabled (Driver basis) then is it fully up to games to have Tiled Resources?